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i had... had a doggie newspaper squeaky toy and... More
DATE: 29th March 2014 TIME: 1.30pm - 8.00pm... More
Mylopup Mar 14
Guess I'll break the ice ........ *waves a... More
A night mainly for most types of Fetishes ...... More
Heros, all-be-it is primary a skin-tight fetish... More

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    Apr 8
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    Mar 15
    pats mohawk with paw to watch it spring back..... yap..... yap yap! :P .... :) looking very good Mylopup.
    Apr 8
    *wags* thanks fluffywolvie :)
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  • Just gave the pup mobeal a wash n wax ready for it's MOT tomorrow afternoon. Hope that she goes through without too much drama as i could really do with getting a shiny new latex pupsuit. Got paws hands and feet knee pads and really soft bulldog harness from Esty which looks good but not good for play. i have a rubber pup hood but one of the ears is a bit falling-offy at the moment and i'd really rather have a leather top to bottoms pup hood anyway. Oooh and new square peg tail. However all the stuff i have at the moment isn't half as good as some of the gear you guys have. The black style rubber pup hood looks brill. i like to see pups all shiny in their suits pupped up with their collars n tags :) makes me feel good that there are other guys out there into the same stuff as me.
    Mar 26
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  • Really wanting to get out and pupped up with other pups. For sweezy rubber hugz n playing with squeaky toys n walkies n drinking from bowl. Although i'm not a gay fella i wouldn't be on this site if i had the slightest problem with it. i have all told a lot of sympathy and support for anyones sexuallity whatever they are into and i don't think anyone has any rights to tell other people who or what or where or when they should think or act or be whoever they are. There are of course limits! and some hard limits... i wouldn't for a moment suggest that people should be allowed to run nakid down the high street in front of kids humping a 8 foot stuffed big bird. And of course there are some sexualities that are criminal which i think we all know about but i won't mention. But on the whole you know what ever floats your boat as they say. i've been in the bdsm community for about 20 years although i'm taking time out at the moment for personal reasons. Seen alot... done some stuff. Don't think i reeeeeaaally have a paw to stand on if i were to complain about gay fellas seeing as when Mistress get's in one of her moods and i am her b'atch ;) i know this is a site for all into pup play but i know from experience alot of pup's are gay.
    Mar 24
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  • Keeping paws crossed n tail knotted and ears pinned back in hopes that car with make it through MOT with few problems so i can get rubber catsuit this coming month. Just have to save up a bit and i'm so totally getting leather top to bottoms pup hood it isn't funny anymore! LOL. (been wishing on it for about 5 years i guess!)
    Mar 24
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  • another pup cage site
    Everything a pup/owner could wish for. Added this link because they have youTube clip of them putting together cage in about 5 mins as cage can be bro...
    Mar 24
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    Square Peg Toys
    Manufacturers of quality anal toys including Puppy Tails
    Mar 24
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    Mar 24
    Got my small waggy tail last couple of weeks. Came in a small square ish box about 4 or 5 inches square and about 7 inches long. Filled with packing peanuts. No chance of anyone knowing what it was ... was very relieved. Had to pay another £27 tax a bit after it came and cost about £87. Tried it once and it fit lovely wag wag wag wag wag wag. i'm sure i will graduate to larger sizes in time. But small was good fit to start back up with. At least i could get this one in! Very happy puppy. :D wag's .... for reals.
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  • CUTE puppy! love the look wwwwruff! yaps n sniffs. Good boy :)
    Mar 24
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  • gizmo and PupJesse are now friends
    Mar 21
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    favorite chew toy.
    Hi guy's great to see a site for puppies! Site looks new with not too many peeps at the moment. So by way of an introduction for myself and also as a ...
    i had... had a doggie newspaper squeaky toy and like you i could have sat there for hours squeaking ...
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    Mar 18